Subaru Performance Modifications

While looking for performance upgrades on your Subaru, you need to ensure various factors that provide proper power boost, without harming your engine block. The most popular vehicle ever made by Subaru, is the WRX / Impreza. However, their range of SUVs, are quite popular too! Here are a few simple modification tricks for your Subaru that will ensure maximum power gain. subaru parformance-01

ECU Upgrades: The first and foremost part that needs to be upgraded is the stock ECU. An ECU is in charge of your vehicle’s heart and controls the air / fuel mixture flowing to the engine. Aftermarket ECU kits are fairly popular for most Subaru models and are quite easily available at any car accessories shop. Performance and fuel efficiency gains are quite evident once you upgrade the stock ECU. You are bound to feel engine refinement after a certain time period too.

Engine Upgrades: subaru parformance-02The engine block is the next part to be upgraded. Stock Subaru engines are quite customizable and hence they can be tuned to extract major performance. You could however choose to get a larger engine in place, although, it is not always required. However, an engine upgrade needs to be complemented with various other upgrades such as fuel pump, injectors, transmission, etc, for optimum performance.

Exhaust Kit: The amount of air flowing through to your engine block depends on the car’s exhaust system. Opt for a free flow exhaust, as it maximizes air flow, hence, boosting performance. There are numerous exhaust kits available for different type of users, depending on personal preferences. There are numerous factors that need to be considered along with an exhaust kit, to complete this transformation process.

Fuel Injection Kit: Your engine’s fuel injector kit is equally important, as it works together with the stock ECU. A pre mapped fuel injector works well with stock settings, although, you could tune a fuel injector according to your engine setup too. Performance upgrades can be felt immensely after changing, although, you would have to change a few other parts too, along with the injector kit, for best results.

Suspension Modifications: Your car’s performance is not solely dependent on engine specifications, as aerodynamics and springs play a huge role too! A stiff suspension system keeps a vehicle glued to the road surface and ensures minimum body roll. Shock absorbers enhance cabin comfort, while ensuring stability. Hence, replace the full stock suspension with an aftermarket product, while you are at it. Rallying and off roaders need special care, hence, suitable upgrades are prescribed, according to their needs. A suspension kit has the ability to play havoc with your vehicle. Hence, choose well.

Turbo Charger Unit: Last, but not the least, a turbo charger kit deserves special mention. Capable of pushing in great amounts of cold air into the engine block, to aid performance boost, a turbo charger is in charge of helping a small engine block, perform better than large naturally aspirated engines. Different engines work better with different turbo charging units. Hence, once you choose to make this transformation, act wisely, as your vehicle’s active life depends on it!