Turbo Modifications

A turbo charged Subaru sounds nice right! You need to know a few tricks however, to ensure that your Subaru is capable of handling an additional turbo charger. Apart from adding performance value, a turbo charger also enhances a Subaru’s face value. Who would not like to stare at a protruding vent out of your vehicle’s hood! Turbo chargers maybe powerful, but they are equally fragile. Hence, you need to ensure your engine’s potential before opting for a suitable turbo charging unit.

subaru turbo-02You should also determine how you want your car’s engine to perform, before looking for a suitable turbo charger. A new turbo charger also needs a suitable intercooler for optimum performance. While some turbo chargers are tuned for high end performance, others are meant for low and mid range boost. Smaller turbo chargers sometimes provide greater power boost than most large alternatives, although this happens in rare cases and depends upon tuning.


Various Options for Your WRX:

We will be talking primarily about Subaru’s WRX here, as most turbo charging options are available solely for this variant.

  • IHI VF22: This is a very popular stock replacement turbo for most WRX, when it comes to aftermarket modifications. It works well with most front mount intercoolers, 4 to 1 headers, exhaust kit, etc. This turbo charger starts working post 3,000 RPM and is capable of displacing 500+ BHP, post 7,000 RPM.
  • IHI VH23: This is an important turbo modification, which works well will heavy modifications. It can operate with a TMIC and has lesser turbo lag than a VF22. It commences at 3,000 RPM and is capable of displacing an additional 20 psi for every 450 BHP, post 7,000 RPM.
  • IHI VF30: At 47mm, the VF30 has a larger compressor than its smaller cousins. It comprises of a 9 blade wheel, while its core has a single P18 exhaust housing, along with divided thrust bearing. When you are looking for a standard turbo for your New Age Sti, you could look for The VF30. It comes alive at 2,900 RPM and kicks in max power by 3,300 RPM.
  • IHI VF34: It is similar to the VF30 on various accounts, but has better spool up due to a roller bearing design. It comes alive at 2,700 RPM and displaces maximum power around 3,300 RPM.

Additional Components:

subaru turbo-01However, just a turbo charger will not work at its optimum level, if the complementing parts are not upgraded too. You need to make sure to upgrade the below mentioned parts as well.

  • Turbo Timer: A turbo timer is a must, as it helps people choose between various levels, based on personal choices. The primary function of a turbo timer is to read ignition disconnect delay. Connect it to your WRX, via a connection harness.
  • Blow off Valve: Stock valves are fine, although upgrading to aftermarket parts enhance performance by quite a bit. This is an integral upgrade for your turbo charger and needs proper care, if you want to switch to a bigger turbo.