Suspension System

Your Subaru’s suspension plays a major role in enhancing performance and if you are a street racer, your vehicle’s performance depends a lot upon its suspension. Tune it hard, soft or intermediate, depending upon your driving style or preferences and you are bound to feel the differences brought along by each. The vehicle’s suspension plays a major role in overall performance gains, together with engine, ECU, transmission, turbo charger etc. We will discuss a list of things that need to be upgraded, in order to ensure maximum control and stability.

List of Suspension Upgrades for Your Subaru:

subaru suspension-02

  • Suspension Springs:

Choose anything from 1 inch to 4 inch springs, depending on how low you want to go. The springs adjust ride height, comfort, stability and stiffness, hence, choose wisely. If you are heading into street racing, you need to quickly upgrade those stock springs.

If you plan on lowering, look for a set of springs that lower your vehicle’s front end more than its rear section, in order to maintain the fender gap. As you are upgrading the springs, make it a point to replace the stock shock absorbers as well. The new springs will overwork your stock shocks and result in suspension damage.

  • Shock Absorbers:

Shock absorbers enhance stability, comfort and control. It is the real reason that your vehicle is pinned onto the road. Aftermarket shocks are a must, if you are into off road journeys, rallying or drag racing. The improvement in performance is evident once you replace those stock shock absorbers, with aftermarket ones. You should install adjustable shocks for best results.

  • Anti Lift Kit:

They may not seem important to some, but in reality, this is what keeps drag racers going! A Steering Response Kit or Anti Lift Kit provides the best in class Launch Control, along with greater stability during acceleration. It comes in handy during cornering as well, keeping body weight centralized. Hence, reducing chances of body roll. People who have installed it are surely reaping the benefits!

  • Coilovers:

This is meant exclusively for rallying! If you are looking for the ultimate suspension modification, you could go for coilovers. Their only downside is the high price tag. Most casual tuners would have to sell off their Subaru, in order to purchase a decent set of coilovers.

Coilovers need upper strut mounts in addition, although a few can be bolted on directly. Various track specific vehicles have coilovers, as improvements in handling are evident. If you do not mind the high asking price, it can be an invaluable addition.subaru suspension-01

  • Sway Bars:

Sway bars are another great addition for rally racing, which provides proper balance and greater steering response. Their primary function is to increase your Subaru’s stiffness, although you might need additional end links to hold them in place.

  • Strut Tower Braces:

Thisis an invaluable addition for track and rally racing fans. Designed to minimize body roll around corners and to hold those costly high performance suspension mounts in place, strut tower braces can enhance your Subarus performance by a great margin.