Subaru Rally Parts – Racing Your Subaru in Engine

Subaru Rally Parts

Stage 1

There are many things to look into when starting out in Subaru rally racing then you obviously needs some Subaru rally parts. Optimizing and customizing your car is usually considered the most important. There are a few basic steps to follow in order to get a good foundation. First, you will need a “Plug and Play” engine management system such as AEM’s WRX. This is the foundation for the rest of your engine tweaks. Using the software that comes with these devices (like the WRX) you are given full control over injectors, sensors, coils, power adders, and auxiliary devices. It also doesn’t matter what type of injectors or sensors you have currently installed. With this software you are able to program in virtually any sort of engine configuration needed. This allows you to deliver “proper amounts of fuel and correct ignition timing” for any operating condition. This is a great foundation for adding on additional modifications.


Stage 2

The next step is to install an aftermarket down-pipe and catback. These are able to boost power from the engine by up 45%. These exhaust systems are able to let the engine breathe better and thus increase the engine’s natural power. Invidia exhaust systems are high quality exhaust options. They offer both downpipes and catbacks at a reasonable cost. Installing one of these “stage 2” systems is the biggest potential boost in power you can get. One other thing to notice is this gives you the power to customize the exhaust system in terms of look and sound.

You will be driving this car so make sure it’s appealing to you. Choose from a quiet and clean exhaust system, or maybe you want to choose a less effective catalytic converter in exchange for more power. Clean, unfiltered, loud or quiet are all choices you are able to make.

            The last major change you can make to boost engine power is an aftermarket air intake. Drop in panel filters can provide some boost over stock filters but to get the most you may want to choose either a cold air intake or a short ram intake. Cool air is the hardest to install but can offer the best power boost.

Stage 3

In addition to engine modifications, you can modify you rally car’s appearance in numerous ways. One option is purchasing something like Rally Armor mudflaps. Also, rally decal sets can be used to add a team logo or other graphics to the side, hood, or rear of the car. TurboSmart products offer a wide array of other accessories that you add to your engine such as gauges or BOVs. Whether or not a BOV is right for you is something that has to be considered case by case.

Further Options

The only other options you really have past “stage 2” Subaru rally parts to boost engine power, is considering a larger turbocharger. This would be highly dependent on the usage of the rally car and how much power you want to get out of the engine. A larger turbocharger could also mean investing in various other engine parts such as a new intercooler and injector, and/or fuel pump. Subaru rally parts can enhance the performance of an WRX or WRX STi vehicle for both rally racing and the road.

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