Flock of Subarus.

Flock of Subarus. Medium
Subarus are not "native" to southern California. I drive a 2002 Subaru Forester, and rarely see other Foresters (or Subarus in general) south of Santa Barbara. For some reason, there were tons of Subarus on the freeway today. This photo was taken on the southbound 101 in Oxnard, on my way to my parents’ house in Orange County. I accidentally deleted the first photo I’d taken (the "erase" button is not logically placed on my phone, IMHO), and one of my Subarus exited the freeway, but fortunately the blue Impreza took its place. Honestly, there were Subarus everywhere I looked. So I took this shot, while driving, and managed to hit the "save" button this time. Of course, no one will appreciate this photo but me, but of course, I feel compelled to share, anyway.

Date Taken: 2006-09-09 21:02:49
Owner: lordog

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