Surreal Sunset on the Devils Staircase

Surreal Sunset on the Devils Staircase Medium
I love to explore every nook and cranny I can find when I’m out shooting… Because sometimes you come across scenes such as this. Where the sun is on just the right angle and there just happens to be a perfectly still patch of water to create a flawless mirrored reflection of the cloud formations above. There is this wonderfully risky road leading out of Queenstown known as the ‘Devils Staircase’ heading towards the far end of the lake. I think the name stems from the seemingly hellish formation of rocks overhanging the road…

Either way, this awesome passage of state highway offers excellent views of Lake Wakatipu from a different perspective than the road leading to Glenorchy. On that note, see this photo taken almost directly opposite this one at the other end of the lake:

This location is actually just an ugly patch of gravel with an old track leading down towards the lakefront… But once I saw that puddle I knew I could make something of it. So often when I’m out driving I’ll take a random detour off the beaten track, it adds a little excitement to the journey and some of my best shots have been the result of a spontaneous decision to drive down a backroad, or trek up a river… A little faith in the environment can sometimes pay off in a huge way!

This week I’m planning to take another of these drives, with my eye on some old abandoned structures from the gold rush days. Stay tuned ;-)

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Date Taken: 2011-04-11 20:04:20
Owner: Eden Brackstone

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