Fuel Injector Kits

The fuel injection kit is an integral part of every engine and if you plan on upgrading your Subaru’s stock engine, replacing the stock fuel injector/s is also recommended. The number of fuel injectors in your engine block depends on the number of cylinders. Hence, if you are upgrading to a six / eight cylindered engine, you would have to replace six / eight fuel injectors respectively.

Importance of Proper Fuel Supply:

subaru fuel injector kits-02Most customizers take the owner’s recommendations seriously and work with their provided data or instructions. If you are new to this game and are unaware of what steps to take, you could ask them to guide you through the process too. You should consider upgrading the fuel injectors in your Subaru, before going ahead with any other upgrades. Anything over 500cc capacity should work fine with the stock engine, unless of course, you want to install a larger turbo charger or nitrous.

Under such circumstances, you need to look for a kit, capable of handling much more fuel pressure, preferably 800cc. Your aftermarket fuel injectors can work with the stock fuel pump, although, you should get an aftermarket pump, as you are already at it. After installation is complete, check for dyno data for understanding this whole process in a better manner. A fuel injector needs to be tuned with the car’s ECU. Hence, opt for an injector that is pre matched.

We would recommend you to change the stock regulator as well. Even though it is not very vital, it could save you quite a lot of hassle down the road. Upgrading stock spark plugs enhance combustion, increasing fuel efficiency and power displacement. You could install this whole setup at home, although, expert guidance could be required in certain cases, where it tends to go critical.

Upgraded Fuel Rails Increase Engine Life:subaru fuel injector kits-01

After installing aftermarket fuel injector kits to your Subaru, differences in performance can be felt instantly. The Subaru Impreza and current generation WRX sport similar fuel injectors. Hence, a single replacement unit fits both cars. If your vehicle has aftermarket turbo chargers in place, make it a point to upgrade your car’s stock Fuel Rails as well.

This may not have any immediate notable performance gains, but will help the engine block to cover 100,000 Miles. Your engine’s third cylinder faces maximum pressure, even if no combustion takes place. A good regulator maintains constant fuel pressure, aiding better combustion. A stock Subaru turbo charger unit is usually capable of producing sufficient amounts of power, although numerous aftermarkets upgrade kits are readily available. Pro customizers do not want to replace this unit, but they retune it for maximum performance.

Cold Air Intake:

subaru Cold Air IntakeCold air is pushed into an engine block via air intake units, which run down through the tire walls. Cold air mixes well with fuel, which in turn displaces maximum amounts of power. The engine block, alone, will not be able to displace optimum power, aiding performance. Make sure all factors favor high performance discharge. The fuel injector kit surely is an integral part of this setup.