Exhaust System

Most Subaru owners are fairly aware of the performance modifications on their car, although what most do not know is that it takes a few nuts and clamps Even though an exhaust system does not add much BHP in itself, it clears the path for the turbo charger to pump in greater amounts of air to the engine block, hence, increasing power by a few BHP.

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Why Replace Your Stock Exhaust System?

An aftermarket exhaust system can be installed in any standard engine block, with or without a turbo charger kit. What is important about this setup is that, it enhances air flow to the engine, aiding combustion. Exhaust kits are of two primary types – slip on or full system – both catering to people with different priorities. The exhaust note plays a major role in the decision making process and hence takes an important part in the Research and Development process.

Components of an Exhaust System:subaru exhaust system-02 

  • The second most important part of the vehicle that needs to be replaced is the downpipe. Subaru is well aware of this folly, which has a 2 ½ inch catalytic converter, directly linked to the turbo charger. This means that a plate is actually blocking a huge part of the air pipe, which is in charge of allowing massive air flow to your engine. Switching to any 4 inch downpipe is recommended by most customizers.
  • While some people like free air flow, others are in favor of this waste gate. However, there are no distinct differences in performance caused by either! Hence, you can have it anyway you like. Even though the Subaru’s stock windpipe is not totally unusable, you could replace it with any standard 3 inch pipe. The cat part could be removed, if you plan on using your vehicle solely for racing purposes.

Points to Remember!

You must know that running a vehicle without a catalytic converter is considered illegal in many countries. Hence, if you plan on using your vehicle on road, do not remove the cat! Removing the cat enhances performance, while enabling use of high grade petroleum. Rear CO2 sensor can also be found near this area, although it is useless without a cat. Hence, on upgrading your cat, you would need to place a resistor in order to prevent it from displaying negative results.

Choosing a suitable muffler is your personal decision, while you get numerous alternatives to choose from. Some people like the 2 ½ inch variants, while others prefer the 3 inch once. No significant performance boost is to be gained here. Although, it does enhance your Subaru’s visual aesthetics and exhaust note! We would recommend you to get one which appeals to your sound sense!

So, your vehicle’s exhaust system plays a major role in upgrading performance in a passive manner. Make sure to get it installed correctly the first time. Avoid constant replacing, as your engine needs to be seasoned properly with an exhaust system, before it can provide optimum performance. You are bound to feel this difference, once in effect. Hence, study before replacing!