Engine Upgrade

Most Subaru owners love what they drive and while most are satisfied with the company’s stock settings, few others have plans for upgrade and fewer still, know what they are doing! So, if you belong to this category, you might want to consider taking professional help, or brush up your knowledge. Larger engine blocks are capable of churning out additional power, only if they receive the kind of backup that they need. You need to go through this article, to understand what we are talking about!

Subaru’s Extensive Engine Upgrade Lineup:

subaru engine modifications-02The Subaru Impreza / WRX are the most popular vehicle with youngsters and we are referring to this category, as performance modifications are more rampant with this age group. Even though Subaru’s range of SUVS – Forester, Outback and Legacy – have various engine upgrading options, their WRX seems to be getting all the attention.

As most Subaru owners know, getting maximum power displacement from the stock engine block is not difficult, as long as you have the right tools to retune. A larger engine block could be installed, although it would mean additional expenditure. You would not like to increase the parts bill, when you have the option of keeping it low! Engine management is an important area and is taken care of by the Engine Control Unit or ECU.


Basic Points to Remember:

WRX enthusiasts usually choose to have their entire engine modified and this is done via a laptop or PDA. An aftermarket kit from TurboXS will solve all your difficulties and is quite popular with Subaru owners. Another reason for the popularity of this device is that, it is all inclusive, which means that you do not need and extra devices to get your job done.

Importance of Ratio and Proportion:

While some engines require you to install additional fuel timers and boost controllers, TurboXS has every such tool fitted into a single kit. This keeps your engine compartment clean and organized, with better tuning precision. An important part of performance can be accredited to the fuel / air mixture reaching the engine block. If your big block receives insufficient amounts of fuel or air, it will not be able to perform to its optimum capability.subaru engine modifications-01

Furthermore, it runs the risk of being damaged. If your piston rings or head is damaged, you will have to replace the entire block. Hence, make sure the ECU settings, fuel injectors, etc, are working in perfect harmony. Most tuning shops are able to sort these out without much ado, although you could work on them yourself, if you have the required expertise and tools. Hire a professional if you are having second thoughts about doing it yourself.


Engine options for other Subaru units are not as popular, although, you could ask specialized auto accessories shops to get you the required parts, which would then have to be imported, or manufactured locally, depending on your location. Check if an engine block is suited to your geographical conditions before purchasing, as location plays havoc in any engine’s performance. You could retune your Subaru’s engine block, but replacing it needs careful considerations.